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LED lights

  • LED heat pipe heat sink honeycomb highbay light
LED heat pipe heat sink honeycomb highbay light

LED heat pipe heat sink honeycomb highbay light

  • LED heat pipe heat sink honeycomb highbay light
  • Product description: LED heat pipe heat sink honeycomb highbay light

1)LED honeycomb High bay Light,heat pipe LED bay light,LED Mining lamp,LED miner light,2)Heat pipe High bay,Led bay light,Workshop LED light

Housings or Fittings can be available separately. 


1.Watt:120W,150W,180W,200W,250W,300W,400W,500W etc. available
2.Beam Angle:1.2mm thickness,Various aluminum reflectors available,45 degree,90degree,120degree,150 degree,etc available
3.Heat dissipating:heat pipe heat sink,different watt.Ideal heat dissipation design.

Heat in,Liquid turing to vapor,Condenser,Liquid Return,Heat out.
4.Gear box:Die-casting aluminium gear box,big&small different sizes available,Suitable for Meanwell driver,meanwell 240W.
5.Color:warm white,pure white,cool white
Elegant appearance.

1.*With a unique single-mode multiple-chip integrated group of light source design
2.*Great heat conductivity,very low luminous decay,better pure light color and no ghosting.
3.*Integrative design for heat pipe heat sink and gear box
4.*Good heat transferring and dissipating
5.*Energy saving system,saving much energy than the conventional metal halide or HPS light


Widely used for indoor and outerdoor places.

High bay light,Low bay light,factory;workshop;warehouse;gas stationtoll station;supermerket;stadium
exhibition hall;gym;public lighting places;commercial building


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